Here’s What Our Clients

Have To Say…

Roni R.

Following 2 fractures of my right arm, I was referred to this facility for physical therapy. I found the staff to be motivating and thorough. At the same time, they demonstrated patience and compassion. The receptionist was efficient and personable. The facility was always clean and comfortable. Having had physical therapy at two other times in the past at other facilities, I would always return here if needed over any of the others.

D. N.

My orthopedic surgeon sent me here saying, "They're doing some really cool things there." I'm getting ArpWave treatment that eases my pain during each session. It allows me to be able to stretch and strengthen areas that were too painful to work on before. Katie explains each step as we go and she encourages rather than pushes. It's a laid back, come as you are kind of place. I'm going to ask our doctor for a referral for my teenager.

Geoff B.

I had hip arthroscopic surgery and with first visit knew I hit the right place to rehab my hip...from start to finish they were receptive, educational, personal and cared about my recovery. A tremendous team of go getters that in my opinion are a step above and on cutting edge of therapy and rehabilitation. Always attentive to my needs they talked me through the exercises and left me feeling good after each session. If I ever need to use a therapist again, this is my team to go to.

Chris H.

I have been visiting iAM for my knee arthroscopy for approximately 8 weeks now (ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair). I have had a great experience with the entire staff, their expertise, advise, and up-to-date physical therapy techniques. There is always something new with physical therapy and it feels as though they are using the latest methods. I do not want to have another surgery, of any kind, but if I did then I would choose them again, hands down.

Brennan H.

Dr. Christian is excellent. When I started I was unable to stand or sit for long periods of time and could not drive without pain. Through the use of dry needling and a lot of stretching for 8 weeks I am now pain free. Before Dr. Christian the outcome was surgery and through his help that has been avoided.