Your body, your mind, your emotions. These are all important aspects of your well-being, and they deserve equal attention if you’re going to feel your best and chase your goals with energy. That’s easier said than done, though—especially if you’re pressed for time between too much work and too many social obligations.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure you stay totally fit, no matter how busy you are, as long as you make an effort every day. Here are some suggestions for activities to include in your schedule. They’ll keep you in top form both mentally and physically.

Quick and Healthy Cooking

No, that’s not a contradiction. Balanced meals can be prepared in less than 30 minutes as long as you’re efficient in the kitchen. That means getting organized and using time-saving devices such as digital scales and measuring cups, which also help you keep portions under control and avoid overeating. Another useful way to make healthy eating as quick and easy as possible is by using grocery delivery services, which will bring the ingredients you need for fresh and nutritious meals right to your door.

Faster Ways to Burn Fat

Long, slow jogs may not be the best way to stay trim, especially if you’re pressed for time. The simplest way to maximize your workout would be picking up the pace, which mobilizes your body to use fat for fuel while raising your metabolism between 10 percent and 15 percent. And remember to take the stairs whenever possible.

Time in the Outdoors

Though getting away for a camping trip over the weekend would be wonderful, you don’t need to make a commitment like that to benefit from sunshine and fresh air. It turns out that a walk in the park on your lunch break is enough. You’ll shake off some stress and even find a bit of focus when you’ve got too many ideas running through your mind.

Real Relaxation

It’s not always easy to turn off your brain, especially if you’re under a lot of pressure at work. First off, think about what’s keeping you agitated, write them down, then tackle those issues one by one. You may also learn a lot about yourself by keeping a journal, like whether you’re a perfectionist. If so, stop trying so hard and just chill.

Some Meditation

According to, you can control stress, decrease anxiety, and improve your cardiovascular system with just 10 minutes a day of rhythmic breathing and repeating a mantra. This shuts down your “fight-or-flight” response so that all systems slow down in pace, and you are able to find some peace.

A Reading Habit

You’ve found ways to calm your frazzled brain, but how about giving it a workout? This is what thumbing through a book does, and it’s every bit as vital to your intellect as aerobic exercise is to your cardiovascular system. You’ll build your vocabulary while learning more about the world—all while lying in bed waiting for sleep.

Chatting With Friends

How hard would it be to set aside an hour or two to have a few beers or glasses of wine with your crew? You know you want to, so do they, and it’s good for everybody. Not only does it provide a mood boost, but you often get some important advice from those close to you when it comes to diet and exercise, among other things.

Playing With Your Pet

There’s someone else who wants a bit of your time, or at least some more snacks and belly rubs. Your dog or cat deserves it, as just one look from their adorable eyes leads to a release of oxytocin, a hormone that plays a strong role in contentment through social interaction. A dose of that is often what you need to get out of the dumps.

Add all of these efforts together, and they take little more than a few hours a day—at most. Chances are you spend that much time watching TV or tapping away on social media. Stop that and get healthy, from all angles.

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Jennifer McGregor

Dr. Christian Robertozzi

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